On my walk to work today I was struck by the sheer amount of street art that covers the buildings on my usual path. At the risk of this blog becoming strictly photos of buildings, I knew immediately that I wanted to photograph them and post them on here. Every photo that follows came within a 4 block radius of my apartment. I mean, aren't they just incredible? I'm sure it's rather cliche to post about street art but I can't help but be enamored by them every morning, so I just couldn't resist. 


While they're all amazing, the one that struck me the most wasn't intentional street art at all. It's a regular building painted the most stunning shade of mint green. Some might even call it turquoise, but to me it's a little too light for that. I'm enamored by this building every day when I pass it and I want to photograph somebody in front of it so badly. Doesn't it provoke an incredible Miami-like feeling? I picture it near a beach, with white sand and bleached sidewalks, behind an endless stream of people dressed in linen with cigars in their hands and sun hats on their heads. That wall has the power to transport me somewhere else every single time I look at it.


It makes me wonder how something so simple can hold so much power. But that's the thing about art - even unintentional art - it's ability to evoke emotion is one of the reasons it's so important. I've been moved to tears before just by staring at a painting. I've thrown books against the wall out of sheer frustration, and I've laughed uncontrollably during movies. Art brings people together, and it brings out emotion in individuals. 


Another one of my favorites was this fox. I love foxes dearly - they're one of my favorite animals. I've loved them ever since I was a kid, and I even have a tattoo of one on my hip. I think they're gorgeous, and they look uncannily intelligent. I love the detail in this piece - it's not graphic and bright like the other street art. It's delicate, and a little faded. It's a testament to how not everything will appeal to everyone. I'm sure some people wouldn't find it too interesting, but every time I see this fox I'm transported back to childhood, running through fields in my bare feet, feeling the dew on my legs with the scent of wheat in the air. 


The street where most of this art is located isn't particularly pretty. It's dusty, the pavement is cracked, and there's a fair amount of trash piled on the corners. But it gives me the most amazing boost in the morning to walk by all the colorful buildings and remember that someone took the time to paint them, just so that people like me could look up and appreciate the beauty. 



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