Do you want to submit a piece for the What You're Working On series? We want to hear from you!

Check out the requirements below for what we're looking for. This site works best when the content is curated specifically for its readers - so please don't be shy!

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What You're Working On


The What You're Working On series is a submission-based series where women creatives write a short piece detailing what they're currently working on. This is a great way to let our readers know exactly what you want to tell them about your work. Some bullet points you might consider hitting are:

- Why creating is important to you
- How you came up with this particular project
- Your process when creating this project
- A bit of your history as a creative
- What this project means to you
- Your goals for the project/where you see it going

We'd love it if the piece was between 500-750 words (about two paragraphs). The piece is specifically meant to be shorter than the interviews, and provide a focused snapshot on a single project you're working on. It would also be great if you could include 4 or 5 photos of your work for the feature as well, that way the readers can see exactly what you're working on. Be sure to include your Instagram and website (if you have one) so that we can include that in the piece and our readers can check your work out! If you're curious about what the feature looks like, check some of the recent ones out here

You can write about anything you choose (as long as it's something you're working on!). Please email your piece to We can't promise to post every piece, but we absolutely try.