frequently Asked Questions


I want to be interviewed for The Creative Chronicle. How do I get in touch with you?

That's great that you want to be featured! Chances are we'd love to feature you. Go ahead and fill out this form and be as thorough as possible when describing your art, and why you'd like to be featured. We'll be in touch if we think you're a good fit!


How do you choose who to feature?

Research, research, research! Our founder, Lindsay, seeks out creative women to interview who she thinks would represent a meaningful contribution to The Creative Chronicle. The other way we choose is by popular demand! If there's a woman creative that many people want to get to know better, Lindsay will contact them on our reader's behalf for an interview. Make sure to tag us on their Instagram - that way it makes researching them a smooth process! The great thing about The Creative Chronicle is it gives our readers the power to choose content they'll specifically enjoy. Believe us, we want to hear from you - don't be shy!


What's the difference between an interview and a ten facts feature?

An interview is a lengthy, in-depth exploration with a woman creative while a Ten Facts feature is just ten quick fun facts about them. Ten Facts tend to be lighthearted and silly, with the purpose of giving the reader a sense of the creative's personality, while the interview tends to cater toward their creative work and what motivates them as a creative woman. Lindsay likes to ask anyone who's interviewed to also do a Ten Facts feature, so our readers can get a well-rounded glimpse of the creative women featured on The Creative Chronicle.


I think my friend/cousin/great artist I know would be perfect for The Creative Chronicle. How do I let you know?

We welcome any and all feature suggestions for The Creative Chronicle! Simply fill out this form for the best chance of seeing your suggestion come to life. It also helps to tag us on that woman's Instagram, so we can see what all the fuss is about!


What's the what you're working on feature all about?

What You're Working On is a submission-based series where women creatives write a short piece detailing what they're currently working on. It's made up of reader submissions, so the power is in your hands!


How do I submit a What you're working on piece?

For guidelines on what and how to submit, see here. Please don't be shy! We love any and all submissions.


i want to advertise/work with the creative chronicle. how do i make that happen?

The Creative Chronicle is 100% open to collaboration with businesses, brands, and individuals. We're happy to talk shop with you - simply send us an email at and we can discuss details. Can't wait to hear from you!