How would you describe your work to someone who's never heard of you? 

I'm an illustrator living and working in New York City. My pieces focus on femininity and the female form, leveraging physical traits such as body hair, overtly extended limbs, and rounded features.


Your use of color is fantastic - is that intentional/are you particularly drawn to color?

The use of color is incredibly intentional; because the subject matter of my work can make viewers uncomfortable, I leverage an inviting color palette to encourage viewers to take a moment and digest the content of the piece.


Can you delve into the themes of your work a little bit? What do you hope people feel when they look at your illustrations?

My work aims to portray women from a women's perspective. Over the years visiting museums, galleries, and art installations, majority of the artists who feature women within their work were male, creating an inaccurate representation of our art history. The goal with my work is to help change said representation within the art world.


Where do you see your work evolving in the next year? Are there any projects that you're currently working on that you're excited to share in the upcoming months?

I'm focusing on striving less for a "perfection" in my work, to be even more authentic to myself as an artist. As for upcoming projects, there is one that I'm super excited about. I'll be able to reveal more in the coming months, but it is a product collaboration that will be amazing!


How do you connect with other creatives? What's the importance of those connections to you?

I tend to leverage Instagram to connect with creatives and brands alike; the ability to find like-minded women from all over the world is truly incredible.


What moment are you most proud of in your creative career so far? Why?

I would say my 2017 Young Guns 15 Award from this past year; I cried and nearly fell off my couch when I got the email that I won.


How do you stay motivated and passionate about your work? Is there one thing you can do to kick-start creativity when you're in a slump?

I love to draw with my eyes closed for a little while, to take a walk, or to clean when I'm in a slump; it allows my mind to break out of its rut.


Who do you admire most in the art world? What do you love about them?

Designer Jessica Walsh is an inspiration; her use of color, message, and design elements are impeccable. 



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