Quizayra and Cass

Photo credit: Steve Mann. Mobile by: Joiri Minaya.

Photo credit: Steve Mann. Mobile by: Joiri Minaya.


Favorite way to end the day?

C: Cooking dinner! Whenever I travel the first thing I miss is the wind-down that occurs when you’re taking the time to make food. 

Q: Reading and writing. I love the quiet time. 


Opinion on wearing socks with sandals?

C: I am into it. It is a good way to make an outfit feel fresh and a good excuse for me to buy cuter socks than I normally would. 

Q: Never with sandals but maybe with heels. 


Best movie you saw in the last month?

C: I don’t know about movies but I binge watched Insecure over a weekend and was very happy about that decision. Also I know I’m late to the game but I fell in love with Please Like Me also. 

Q: I recently watched Mother! And that was the worst I've seen. Haha. I think Insecure is the best thing on screen right now. 


Last time you cried?

Q: In a yoga class with a teacher that reminded us to show up for each other. 


Last time you laughed?

C: Honestly, probably talking on the phone with Quizayra! Talking about one of my favorite topics, astrology. 

Q: It was probably caused by a meme that either Cass sent me or I sent to Cass. 


Favorite memory from childhood?

C: Vacations to the Jersey shore. My friend and I couldn’t get enough of the ocean and we would play in the water until we were forced to come out for supper at the end of the day. 

Q: When my mom and dad would close the bodega at the end of the day and take us to Penn’s Landing on the Philly waterfront. We would walk on the docked ships and sometimes eat in their fancy restaurants. 


What's the best snack food?

C: Cinnamon raisin toast with tahini and honey. 

Q: Crackers with fig spread.


Where would you go to get a milkshake?

C: My kitchen. I make a mean milkshake that accommodates my laundry list of food allergies and restrictions. It swear that it is still delicious! 

Q: Cass’ kitchen. She makes great milkshakes.


Favorite season and why?

C: Hands down the fall. I love the color palette, the leaves changing, the crisp air, making pie, and being able to wear cute outfits without feeling too cold. (I am always cold). 

Q: The fall. It's harvest time which makes me feel like there is an air of beginning and ending associated with this season. I feel like all my best moments happen in the fall, including my birthday. Plus, Halloween!



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