Katherine Straube


Imagine you have all the money in the world - what would you get up and do every day?

Take selfies, obviously! I'd start my day walking three miles and doing planks for one minute. Gotta keep that fitness! I imagine myself in like a very minimal, New York penthouse apartment with a lot of art, like a loft, with some exposed brick, hardwood floors, all that good shit. Lots of rugs, minimal. Minimal furniture but lots of accessories like artwork that I really enjoy. In terms of what I'm doing, I'm either getting ready for a photo shoot for my fashion line or organizing my next gallery show. 

Favorite reality TV show?

I mean, Real Housewives, obviously! I do love New York. Right now I'm a really big fan of Love & Hip Hop; that's a guilty pleasure... Also Bad Girls Club - but that's a show I definitely watch by myself. I will never watch that around anyone else. 


What’s something our readers should know about you?

I love macaroni salad. If I could eat macaroni salad every single day, I would be featured on My 600 Pound Life. 

Favorite restaurant in Portland? (and what do you love ordering there?)

Anywhere I can get a burger. That's going to be at Bar Bar or at Original Hotcake House. 

Morning routine?

I basically just get up and get ready - that's my ideal morning because I prefer to workout in the evening after work because I think so much during the day that then walking for 3-5 miles gives me a chance to let it all go and listen to a podcast. So I'll get up, wash my face with my 100% plant-based skincare that I've been using that I definitely recommend - Aubrey Plaza uses it - Peet Rivko. I'll do my moisturizer, and I've got my zinc sunscreen that I use because you have to wear SPF every day or else you're going to wrinkle and look old and saggy. Then I'll do my makeup. Right now I'm in a very minimal phase. I had a phase pretty recently where I was doing the winged eyeliner every day but now I'm back to just mascara - really simple. I'm a Burt's Bees tinted chapstick type of girl. I have a lot of jewelry on my face - 3 nose piercings and then ear piercings as well... it's a lot. So I just keep it simple. Get up, get ready, and go. 

Opinion on horoscopes?

Yeah love it. My favorite source is from my Apple News app, which has Cosmo horoscopes on it. So bad, but yet so good. So there's the Cosmo one that I look at, and then Refinery29 has one that I'll read and then there's one that my friend subscribes to and she'll email me those on Monday. I don't necessarily take it as, like, the word of God, like "this is definitely going to happen to me", but it kind of brings up things that maybe I should be aware of. Whenever there's a Mercury Retrograde I try to keep what you're supposed to focus on in the back of my mind - not necessarily act on it, but just be observant. I do enjoy it. I'm a Pisces, so I'm a combination of all the houses and I feel myself being a more intuitive person and sort of spiritually bound, so I really enjoy it. 

You’re stranded on a desert island and you can bring three things - what do you bring?

A camera to take selfies! Obviously! Macaroni salad, and The Weeknd so he can sing to me. 

Celebrity you’d love to collaborate with?

Kim Kardashian. I'm not even joking. I've heard she's very down-to-earth. She had her makeup launch in her house so she's very minimal and chill. She also published a book of selfies, so it makes sense. I would love to take a selfie with Kim Kardashian. I wonder if @me&kim is available - that would be my Instagram handle. Just one photo. That would be my ultimate art piece. 

Selfie sticks: overrated or underrated?

That is such a good question. I feel like I have a God-given selfie stick: my arm. I've never actually used a selfie stick. I feel like they have so much potential. I feel like I might get one off Amazon and just see what happens. I definitely fuck with a selfie stick. For sure. No shame in that game. 

Sport you did in high school?

Oh, embarrassing. Cross country, and I made girls cry. And track & field, where I got fourth in state in hurdles! I used to be sporty once. I also ran a marathon - unknown fact about me. 


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