Amanda Baker


Favorite way to relax?

Probably going to the river in the summertime when it’s 105 degrees out and the river is 60 degrees, jumping in, and  immediately getting out of the water so you can lay on your towel and let the sun dry you off.  That 10 minutes of sun bathing after a cold dunk is my very favorite way to relax. 


what’s your dream job and why?

Definitely just an artist. Self employed.


You’re stranded on an island with only 3 books: what are they?

I’ve been getting pretty into True Crime. In Cold Blood is a book I could read again and again, and I’m sure I’d need a little suspense in my lonely island lifestyle. 

Another terrific book is called Raw Creation by Roger Cardinal. It’s a wonderful book chock full of the most famous outsider artists, large images of their work, and brief descriptions of their life. 

The third would have to be In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan. It’s within the realm of the surreal, almost like a dream. Like a dream, though, all the feelings of pining and love that he describes are are as if you’ve felt them before. It’s a gem.


Favorite ice cream flavor?

Hmmm. Gotta be cookies and cream! Forever and always.


If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go and why?

Chechen Itza, Mexico. I’d love to live in Mexico at some point, but I recently found that there’s a fountain of youth in Chechen Itza. Need I say more?


Are you A morning person or a night person? What do you get done best during that time?

I’m probably a night person. I love sleeping in and taking my time in the morning. There's something a little magical about working into the night with several hours ahead of me to create. 


Do you collect anything? If so, what?

I was collecting owl figurines for a bit. It started with this owl painting that I was drawn to, by an artist named Richard Screech. My partner found a reproduction of the same painting soon after. I took it as a sign and started collecting owl figurines and imagery for a while after that.  Turns out there are thousands of this Richard Screech painting reproduced, probably world-wide by now. Nevertheless, it was a fun phase. 

Nowadays, I’m into succulents. Their relatively easy to care for, and the forms they take are wild. 


Are you scared of space or fascinated by space? (People are usually one of the two).

It’s beauteous, but I’m too afraid of never-ending voids. If I think about going into space, I feel more fear than joy.


what's your Ideal pet?

I guess I’ve already had her… she passed away. She was a German shepherd/Belgian shepherd mix. Her personality was what made her so special. She didn’t need a leash and always wanted to hang out right by you. At the dog park, she was sort of a regulator. If other dogs were getting rowdy she would run over and send a friendly bark their way, and they’d calm down pretty quickly. She had this cute habit of always walking the perimeter before sitting down with me. She wasn’t aggressive, like German Shepherds can be, but she was very loyal. Her name was Josie. If I could get another Josie, that would be ideal.


Do you have a guilty pleasure franchise? 

Does Tim & Eric count? They’re this couple of comedians that do a bunch of sketch comedy on Adult Swim. They've changed the game.  Let’s pretend they’re a franchise - I’m into them.≠



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