Amber Vittoria


Last thing you ate? Did you like it?

I had a red-bean-filled mochi snack from Shanghai on my flight home yesterday, and it was delicious.


What's your favorite thing in your apartment? Why?

My favorite animate object is my boyfriend Dave, inanimate object is my collection of rocks. Dave is incredibly supportive of my work. He gives me confidence on the days I'm lacking. My rock collection has stones from Iceland, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Barcelona; every time I look at it, it reminds me of our travels.


Last time you laughed?

Last night re-watching an episode of Friends when Ross breaks his thumb. We were jet-lagged, so I'm not all too sure if it was indeed laugh-worthy.


Guilty pleasure TV show?

Currently, Friends.


What's a change you've been meaning to make in your life, but haven't yet?

Fully cleaning out my wardrobe (I'm almost there!)


What's the best compliment anyone's ever given you?

That my work resonates with them on a deeply personal level.


Favorite way to exercise?

Running or walking, depending on the temperature outside.


What are you most proud of?

I would say my 2017 Young Guns 15 Award from this past year; I cried and nearly fell off my couch when I got the email that I won.


Do you have anything you're excited for? What is it, and why are you excited for it?

I'm traveling to Italy with my family in a month! I love when we take family trips, especially because my brother is in an MD/PhD program in Boston, making it harder to see him on a regular basis.


What's the best gift you've ever given someone else?

For Dave's 30th birthday last year, we flew to Chicago and ate Alinea. They had edible balloons! It was magical.



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