Anna Remus


Last scary movie you watched?

I HATE scary movies; they’re not my jam at all. Once I got conned into seeing I Am Legend and covered my eyes the whole time! I’ll enjoy them if they have some kind of deeper layer—like It Follows or Get Out. I recently watched The Witch, which blew me away. It was executed in such a thorough way! 


Favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor?

Mint Chocolate Cookie.


#1 place in the world you'd love to visit?

Japan! I really want to visit Asia, but I have a pretty bad peanut allergy, so my options are limited. 


Opinion on Friends (the TV show)?

This is going to sound super pretentious, but I’ve actually never seen it. I promise I have my share of vices, including Real Housewives of Dallas.  


What's something you're secretly obsessed with?

I love anything with eyes printed on it.


What's the best part of your day?

When my iced coffee kicks in!


If you could be any animal, what animal would you choose?

Maybe a parrot? Then I could be understandably vain.


Last time you laughed so hard you cried?

Last week I filmed a short called Expecting; it was just a quick, day-long project, but we had a very chill crew and some super talented actors. I had to make a big effort not to laugh every time they said a line, and there were a couple of takes that I (very unprofessionally) ruined. It was exactly the kind of environment I try to achieve as a director—one in which everyone is comfortable to create their best work. 


Favorite site to waste time on online? Why?

In. Sta. Gram. I follow a lot of dogs.


Beverage you always order at Starbucks?

A green tea frappuccino with no syrup. It’s an indulgence, but it’s tasty.



All photo credit goes to Matt McLaughlin.

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