Ariella Elovic


Favorite way to spend a weekend?

My favorite weekends are slow and relaxed, with a balance of work and time with friends. I love to wake up early, make a big cup of coffee and settle into some painting. The perfect break from that is to meet up with a friend for a long walk around the neighborhood and window shop (I do not need any more plants or cute little bowls that can only fit like four grapes and somehow I always forget that). 


Do you prefer online shopping or in-store?

In-store! I’m a very tactile person.


What subject were you good at in school?



When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An artist.


Favorite perfume? (If you wear it).

Antidris Cassis by Maison Louise Marie -- for special occasions. Otherwise, just deodorant for me (if I remember to put it on). 


Last time you put your toes in the sand?

A trip Puerto Rico with my mom two years ago.


Opinion on bath bombs?

I’ve never actually tried one!


Favorite place to get brunch (and what do you order?)

Cafe Mogador. I order the Country eggs: two eggs (scrambled), served with labne (this is where I come in with the Lactaid pills), arabic salad, and zhatar pita. 


Which celebrity would you want to have dinner with, and why?

Maira Kalman. My all-time favorite author and illustrator. Her work has always inspired me, and I’m slowly working up a collection of all her gorgeous, smart, and hilarious books. I would love so much to pick her brain -- and meet her adorable dog.


Last Disney movie you watched?




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