Courtney Baker


Where would you go on a roadtrip?

I’d love to go to the Grand Canyon. Crazy but I’ve never been! I’d love to take a motorcycle trip with my boyfriend to the Redwoods as well.


What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?

This is going to make me sound like such a country girl but frogs after going frog gigging. I grew up in the smallest town… need I say more?


Who's the one person you can always tell a secret to?

For sure, my boyfriend. 


What did you do for your latest birthday?

I was lucky enough to have my first niece born on my birthday! My boyfriend, aunt and I drove to meet her in the hospital and spent the morning there. Then my boyfriend and I went to his tattoo shop so he could tattoo me! That seems to be a tradition we’ve kind of started. Then we went to our favorite local hotel and had some drinks and just roamed around spending time together. It was the best night!


Which season is your favorite? Why?

I love spring!! I used to think fall, but the only reason I love fall is because of the leaves changing color. Though its beautiful, it’s cold!! Spring is always sooo warm during the day, and chilly at night. It just makes me really happy.


Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

Optimist with my friends. Pessimist with myself. We’re always harder on ourselves that we need to be. Definitely trying to change that.


What's your greatest strength?

One of my childhood friends said to me the other day “one of your greatest strengths is your ability to just get to work, even when all you wanna do is curl up in a ball and die”. I don’t personally know if this is my greatest strength, but she knows me pretty well so maybe it is. I just like to keep busy, especially when my mind is trying to get the best of me. 


Have you ever been stung by a bee?

No! Thankfully. But my uncle Eddie was stung by over 300 bees when he was a kid, so I’ve always had a healthy fear of bees.


What never fails to cheer you up?

My dogs!!! For sure! I am overly obsessed with them. They can always make me feel better.


Do you have a go-to joke that you tell?

Not really, but my boyfriend would probably say that IF I say something funny, I wear it out until it’s not funny anymore. Haha! It’s sadly true. I definitely resemble Michael Scott from The Office when I say something funny.



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