Jennifer Shroy


Favorite skincare product and why?

I just started using Herbivore Botanicals Moonfruit. It sounds like a GOOP thing - it sounds really pretentious and weird. It’s this bright blue cream and I was really worried because my skin has broken out with other products with papaya in them and I’m pretty sure this has papaya in it. But I’m in love! I’ve had acne since around second grade and my skin is so happy right now. [removed sentence] The other thing I like is definitely my jade roller! I use it every single morning after I use a rose and aloe mist and a serum. I don’t know if it does anything but it’s the fanciest little facial massage that I pamper myself with every morning and the best way to wake up and feeling amazing! I always keep it in the fridge. I’ll get up, grab it, do my morning stuff, jade roll my face, and after I wash my face at night I’ll just put it back in the fridge. Rinse it off, call it good. It’s the BEST. Have a headache? Jade roll! I also have under-eye puffiness so I like do it all around my eyes and it’s just so good - I love it.


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I can tell you the earliest thing that I can remember wanting to be: ballerina paleontologist with a Dalmatian and a horse. That was my answer at my preschool graduation.


Favorite food truck?

One that I’ve been going to a lot is Richi’s. It’s so good! They’re modern Japanese. The people at my work really like their bowl - they’re Japanese taco bowls. I like the teriyaki soy curl bowl and their kale is perfect. I’m not a fan of mushy veggies and their kale is still crunchy. They give you a lime too and it’s over brown rice with sauteed onions. So I always get a teriyaki soy curl bowl with extra kale. I love soy curls. They’re amazing! I usually make them myself. So Richi’s has been my recent favorite. I always feel good after.


Favorite animal?

I don’t think I have one! I like quails, I like snakes, I don’t know - I’m just an animal person!


Opinion on cheese-stuffed crust on pizzas? 

Pro! Like super, super pro cheese-stuffed crust. I am ALL for cheese-stuffed crust pizzas. They make for the best dippers and I don’t normally like pizza crust but I will save the cheese-stuffed crusts for last and I’ll just eat them - cheese is not my friend but I’m all about it.


Happiest memory?

My happiest memory is when I was two and my family lived in southern California and my dad went out with me and his friend to go camping in the middle of some California desert. My dad somehow disappears and leaves me with his friend and then reappears and says “Jennifer look over here there’s a fossil!” And he took me on a little paleontology trip where I was discovering all these fossils that he had bought at a gift shop! There was a shark tooth and a little trilobite and all these little things. Best memory ever is me getting to think, “Oh my gosh I’m a paleontologist for real!” My dad is awesome. I have a lot of good memories. I had a good childhood.


Did you see Wonder Woman, and what did you think of it?

I have not seen Wonder Woman. I know Sara really wants to see Wonder Woman. Everyone says it’s really good… I just don’t really like superhero movies that much. I want to see it because I’ve heard it’s amazing and I really like what they’ve done - I really like the fact that they cast an Israeli woman to be this super iconic female character and it’s the first female superhero movie. But I worked in a movie theater and saw a lot of free superhero movies and thought “Wow these are all exactly the same”. It’s on my to-do list. I’ll probably go when it’s at a discount theater, but at the moment, no.


All-time favorite 80’s jam?

I don’t know off the top of my head but it’s probably something by David Bowie. Pretty much any David Bowie song from the 80’s.


Are you sporty at all? What’s your favorite way to work out?

I feel like I always wanted to be sporty, and I wasn’t. Right now I’ve been really enjoying (probably) improperly lifting weights at the gym as well as weight machines. For a while I was doing the Kayla Itsines workout guide and I felt so good and the results were great but it’s also a lot of jumping and since I live in a 1942 apartment it’s just not nice to my neighbors when I do it. But I really want to try out some dance classes. A friend of mine and I are supposed to go try those out and we’re also going to try out pole dancing. But I need to get rhythm first (I have negative rhythm naturally). Those are my sporty workout goals, soon to be achieved.


Favorite TV show you used to watch as a kid?

Again, when I was two my dad and I would watch Hercules and Xena so my earliest memories are of us watching these at night since my mom worked - she was in the Navy. So it was just my dad and I in the apartment before my sister was born and we watched a lot of Jurassic Park, a lot of Xena, and a lot of Hercules. I haven’t watched those since I was probably four, but I'm still a huge fan. I was a big Rugrats fan too. Somehow I was just always watching it. 


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