Jess Yeung


Favorite karaoke song?

Hold On by Wilson Phillips. Also, any Bangles classics. My naturally nasally voice really makes those notes sing!


Last show you binged on Netflix?

Riverdale. When I was growing up, besides Gilmore Girls, I never watched soapy teen dramas like Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill. This show satisfies my inner teen girl who always longed for a drama-filled TV high school life that included confronting the mean girls or befriending the surprisingly cool class Boo Radley in detention. The murder mystery plot line in Riverdale is just another cherry on top! The show’s production team also did a great job integrating retro design elements into their modern interpretation of Archie.


Opinion on horoscopes?

It’s funny. I’d say I was a pretty superstitious person and I do believe in karma, but for some reason, I can’t make the leap for horoscopes! I consider them mostly self-fulfilling prophecies, but sometimes you can use that to your advantage. Aries are said to be confident, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Of course, I want to embody those traits! 


Skincare product you're obsessed with right now?

One of the perks of working at a magazine is that we get the latest beauty products sent to our offices every day. Brands are always introducing their newest items to our editors to test out. All of these are housed in the beauty closet treasure trove. I love going in there to try out the perfumes, oils, elixirs, serums, and creams. When I’m feeling restless, I like to go in and try out different shades of lipstick and it instantly lifts my mood. Currently, I’ve been obsessed with face oils to moisturize my brutally chapped skin from harsh winter winds. I like to alternate between the Rituals pure face oil and the Moroccanoil pure argan oil. They keep my skin hydrated without feeling sticky and they smell amazing!


What website do you spend the most time on? 

After the election, I told myself to be more politically aware because as a female minority, I couldn’t afford not to be. Before, the majority of my internet history would consist of Buzzfeed listicles, shopping sites, and pop culture news. That’s mostly been replaced with Vox and the New York Times. I certainly haven’t lost my penchant for celebrity gossip, but I’m now finding myself gravitating more towards articles that explain healthcare and tax reform, the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico, and the continued sexual harassment revelations. If there’s one good thing about this presidency, it’s that people who were previously cruise-controlling on Obama are now waking up and speaking out!


What's your favorite way to relax?

I consider myself an extroverted introvert. So, though, I enjoy having a lively discussion with a small group of friends about the unspoken etiquette of modern dating or the new age of consequences for sexual predators, I do prefer to recharge by staying at home and not talking to anyone. My friend likes to joke that I go home, stare at a blank wall, and just whirr off. Instead, I’m usually binge-watching something trashy and completely turning off my brain, or I’ll be trying to check another book off my continuously growing list. (I’ve read twenty books this year!) Sometimes, I’ll go real crazy and combine two solitary activities like doing a jigsaw puzzle while watching TV!


Celebrity you’d love to meet?

RIHANNA! RIHANNA! RIHANNA! She’s a multi-talented and unapologetic feminist with a great, big heart. She uses her wealth and influence to establish charities that advocate for greater access to health and education for women all around the world. This year she launched her Fenty Beauty line which has been lauded as having the most inclusive shade ranges in the industry. She’s cool, she’s chic, and sassy AF, who wouldn’t want to be her best friend? This #bossbitch is inspiring for all women of color! 


How would you describe your aesthetic?

At the moment, my work is bold and graphic. I’m hoping the striking colors and images will catch people attention as they’re scrolling through a bombardment of visuals. Maybe they’ll even linger an extra millisecond. Most of my design work is made digitally. As I start dabbling in different mediums like paper crafts, it’ll be interesting to see how that aesthetic translates.


Last time you laughed so hard you cried?

I was regaling my friends with details of a bad date. The guy told really boring stories, was kind of rude, and proudly outspoken about his distaste for Christmas decorations. My friends and I were all crying laughing because every one of us could relate to being trapped on a dead-end date.


Favorite thing to do first thing in the morning?

The second I turn my alarm off, I like to read my NYTimes Daily Briefing newsletter. Since the election, it feels like every morning we’re waking up to a firestorm of tweets, a ridiculous scandal, or a natural disaster. It probably doesn’t help my anxiety to start the day with a bombardment of negative news, but similarly to how some people read their emails first thing in the morning, reading the news is a way for me to orient myself and learn about what to expect in the day ahead. 



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