Kathryn Harden


Favorite hair product? 

Anything Kerastase. Their products smell amazing and make your hair glow for days. 


Last time you laughed?

My partner Ryan and I are always goofing off.


Coffee or tea?

Team tea.


What food are you obsessed with right now?

Ice cream and burritos.


Last thing you watched on Netflix?

The Office.


What would you recommend a tourist do if they were visiting Portland?

Swing through and take a dance class at Steps PDX, stop by Cheese and Crack for a sundae, get lost hiking in the mountains and wander through Powell’s Bookstore for a couple of hours. 


Favorite song to dance to?

I enjoy throwing on a Max Richter album and letting it play through while I lose myself in the studio.


Are you pro or against scary movies?

I try to avoid them at all possible cost.


What do you always order for brunch?



Are you a morning person or a night person?

Night owl.



Check Steps PDX out on Instagram and their website.

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