Leela Hoehn


How long can you hold your breath?

1 minute and 22 seconds. 


Do you have a skincare product that you swear by? What is it?

Oh lawwwd I love Pratima Skincare! My skin has never looked better, ever in my life. I use the Pitta collection.


What do you know a lot about that other people might not? 

I know all about spending several perfectly good hours carving an intricate design into a rubber stamp, lemme tell ya! 


Did you have a favorite subject in school? What was it?

I went to a fine arts magnet school so visual art was my fave, but then my second fave was english. I love reading, writing, and analyzing literature. Other things I love over analyzing include art, music, movies, and my own designs to the point of ad nauseam. 


What's one piece of technology you can't live without?

My computer and the internet, of which I owe my entire business existence to!


Have you seen Stranger Things?

Of course I have and it is everything.


Where's the most interesting place you've ever been?

Growing up my family had some friends that owned an old grain mill in Plum Branch, SC and we used to stay there often and camp. It was called the Mill House. It was basically a huge old cabin with large windows looking into the woods and the large watermill from was still in place, although no longer functioning. It was next to a creek that grew tons of Spider Lilies in the spring. It was a magical place.


What never fails to make you laugh?

Videos of goats/sheep screaming.


How would your friends describe you?



What's your favorite holiday?

Halloween first, and then Winter Solstice/Christmas second. I am a festive freak starting around Oct 1st and it goes all the way till about February when the Christmas police come and force you to finally take down your tree.



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Main photo credit: Ashley White.