Shannon and Zemie


Are you good at taking care of plants?

Z: I am a recovering plant-killer. I think it’s important to keep these plants alive in the gallery, and I have a yard that I water, so I’d say definitely I’m a recovering plant-killer, and working on it.


What’s your preferred go-to feminist literature?

Z: Really anything Rebecca Solnit has written. She’s done “Men Explain Things to Me,” which is like a collection. She’s fantastic; she’s written a lot of nonfiction books about the history of walking; she’s a very prolific writer. Very accessible but also very poetic at the same time. She has a way of bringing seemingly disparate concepts together in a really beautiful way. 


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Z: I think I wanted to be an artist! 


What’s your favorite place to go for a burger in Portland?

Z: Ok this is really not trendy of me - I like Holmans! $8.00, and its pretty good! I might be crazy, but I just like a normal burger.


Is Powell’s bookstore overrated or underrated?

Z: I still think it has a place in Portland. I don’t think it’s overrated. There are very few bookstores like that still in the world, so I support them all the way.


What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

S: I think “I’m tired."


What animal best represents you? Why?

S: A dog! I love dogs, they’re representative of me because they’re goofy and dorky but lovable. 
Z: And loyal! You’re a really loyal friend.


Describe your perfect day.

S: My perfect day would be hanging out with my dogs and my husband and my two kitties, going thrifting, going out for a nice dinner, then watching a movie and going to sleep. 


Favorite place to go in Oregon that other people don’t know about?

S: I like the arboretum, but that’s not super secret. I don’t know secret places - maybe my backyard, because not everyone’s been there. We have a lot of trees in our backyard, so it’s nice being there. 


When was the last time you put your feet in the ocean? Which ocean?

S: A few months ago, and it was in Manzanita.



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