Shelley Couvillion


Tell us the best three things about yourself.

I’m adorable, awkward and hilarious. Or so says my husband and my mother. But they are biased and shouldn't be trusted.


What's your opinion on light-up sneakers?

In the 90’s police caught a thief because he tried to escape on foot wearing light up shoes, which is hilarious and makes them the best shoes. As a kid I wanted a pair but now I wouldn’t be caught red-handed in them. But also I love that they're making a comeback.


Last dessert you ate that you loved?

Oh man, somewhere in Atwater I had a lavender custard with a graham cracker crust. I’m still dreaming about it.


What's your proudest moment as a mother?

Well she’s only two so she hasn’t yet had enough time to solve world hunger or whatever but earlier this year she leaned over, farted, and with a big smile on her face announced “I FARTED!” (Or maybe when she ate day-old avocado out of the trash like a true California bad-ass.)


If you could fly anywhere for free, where would you go?

Japan for sure. Sushi, street food, weirdly themed bars, cat cafes AND the Studio Ghibli museum.


Favorite Disney movie?

If you went by Disney movie most often watched in our home it would be Moana. I hope my kid ends up loving Hamilton as much as Moana.


Cake or pie?

I was one of those weird kids who hated cake but to be fair those grocery store cakes really are the worst. But pies are kind of the worst too. Except pumpkin. So pie wins?


What's was your first childhood pet's name?

This is not my first animal name but in jr. high I loved a fantasy book series that had a cat in it named Fiddlesticks. Fast forward to high school and I had become convinced fiddlesticks was a cursed name as I had had multiple animals die premature deaths under that name. Three lizards, at least one rat, a mouse who only lasted a day and a parakeet who lived the longest because we called him by his nickname: Fred. Looking back I realize that maybe I was just bad at keeping animals and I hope to gawd that I am better at raising children.


Who is the funniest person you know?

Allison Oh. We’ve known each other since high school and have been best friends since college. Our humor is super classy; mostly fart and dick jokes. So class. Much humor. Wow.


Do you have favorite quote? If so, what is it?

Gradatim Ferociter which is latin for Step By Step, Ferociously. It’s the motto for Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos’ space company) but I feel like it encapsulates how I approach life.



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