I'm Stacey Elaine. I'm an artist and mom living on the southern coast of Connecticut. I've created for as long as I can remember, and my fascination has always been with animals as well as the shapes, forms and movement found in the natural world. My studies in college on the Gulf Coast of Florida centered around creative writing, and it wasn't until I became a stay at home mom that I returned to my artist roots. 


There's something about being needed every second of every day by little humans that made me want to reconnect with my other identities. As fulfilling and enriching as motherhood is, it can be all-consuming, to the point of forgetting the parts of you that make YOU interesting and unique. The creative side of myself that I'd long ignored became impossible to silence after my second son was born. I was called to create again out of a necessity to feel like there was more to me than diaper changing and meal-making. That's when I started experimenting with tissue paper as a new artistic medium. 


I was looking for a way to create bold contrast and line with saturated color and when I started working with tissue paper, I was amazed at how natural and effortless it felt to me. I was able to cut animal forms, free-hand, with more precision than I'd ever reached by drawing or painting. I cut my designs into layers of tissue, which I then use to create a scene or pattern by adhering and sealing them onto heavy hot press water color paper. I create all of my works during my boy's afternoon naps. Small windows of time have ensured that I work efficiently and confidently, and it's been a daily practice for the past eight months!


This has been an exciting year for me as an artist. I just wrapped my first solo show, which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I was also recently given the coolest opportunity to have three of my works made into murals for a salon in Mexico. Seeing my work so large-scale was a major pinch me moment! 


I'm currently brainstorming new pieces for future murals, as well as working on adding new, strong pieces to my portfolio of work to put in my webshop and take to a local arts market this summer. I'm always thinking of what could be next for my art. I love pattern making and have my eyes on textiles, wallpaper, and stationary as potential ventures down the road. I'm working on continuing to expand my audience and find my "tribe" of other women artists. I truly love how supportive I've found this community to be, and have met some of my dearest friends since putting my art out into the world. 


This past year, I've proven to myself that as a stay at home mom, I can still pursue my dreams and find the time to work hard to bring them to fruition. I've given myself something thrilling to work toward, and it's brought balance and new meaning to my otherwise very routine days. I hope my story inspires other women, particularly moms, who've maybe lost track of their passions since having kids, or are struggling to find time to prioritize themselves.



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