Creating allows me to breathe and express my emotions. During my time at university, I discovered Sara Ahmed, who is a scholar. Her book, "The Promise of Happiness" has influenced me a lot as I have struggled to combine being feminist with my work. Her book, as well as the reviews, really sparked an idea for my present work.


I thrive on being able to work with a complete contrast of materials, which helps me move forward with my work and ignite new ideas. My main process is just to keep going and keep creating. I find that even when I don’t feel motivated to do art or I when I feel like rubbish, pushing through it has enabled me to create some really interesting pieces that have become some of my favorite artworks.  


I have always had a great interest in feminism, politics, mental health, and social issues, but have always struggled to find my "thing." Over a year ago, I started to create line drawings as a way to de-stress when I was sitting on the train, debating whether or not I wanted to stay in university, since I didn’t really know why I was there. From that point onward it developed and the drawings became my image. 


My project has become a turning point for me, since I feel like I’ve finally found my rhythm. It allows me to take the space to express my thoughts and not feel marginalized. 


My aims are to get my work into galleries and to take up their spaces to create larger pieces of work. I am already collaborating and translating my work onto different types of media. Since I am still at university, I am still experimenting, so I hope from that I am able to create a bulk of different pieces and series. I would also like to try tattooing - I have always had a great passion for the art of tattoos and I have already had the opportunity to see my work on someone’s skin.



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