I think I have always loved creating things with my hands; the only thing that has changed over time is how I embody my ideas. It has always been so satisfying, liberating, and empowering to shape these inputs, see all processes, and finally touch the results. I think, sometimes, I feel more like me while expressing myself with what I’m doing. 


I’m inspired by vintage objects, films, sayings, nature, and all the beauty around us. And when it comes to visualizing beauty, it is constantly changing. It’s flowing with our ideas, beliefs, and how we see the world. It’s so fun making things, putting different visions together in this ever-changing world. Besides enjoying the process itself, I think creating is also a way to connect with people who have the same values and a way to tell more about your experiences.


I am so fond of colors, patterns, and shapes. Atelier Mave is my playground where I freely draw my own lines that reflect on the delights of everyday and create my own light-hearted characters, converting them into my own playful alphabet for filling the gap between childhood and adulthood.


Atelier Mave products vary from notebooks, prints, tote bags, and home textiles to upcoming collections of hand painted ceramics. Besides producing all these products under my own brand, freelance jobs allow me to collaborate and meet new people to create more characters, this time with their own stories. 


Lately, I’ve been working on a series of illustrations for a new collection of notebooks and tote bags for an Italian blogger. The illustrations are mostly related to the city where we live: Milan and it’s evolving face. The blogger always writes about everything from new opening exhibitions / shops / cafes / restaurants to family stuff, but always surrounded with Milan which has has been so inspiring for me to illustrate. 


Milan is inspiring because I love observing and drawing city life: what people do, eat, or wear. Cities are always changing and growing as well. They have their own invisible energies waiting to be concretized, which is sometimes challenging to draw but the results are always so fascinating. 


I started this project with an aim for visualizing the city from three aspects; food - in fact, it is mostly related to breakfast (because there is a secret connection between eating breakfast and being happy, don’t you agree?), families and city life, and a Milan Map for sharing nice places around the city. I have been spending some time at different parts of the city in order to understand the daily rhythm and colors of each neighbourhood, observing people and the rush of the city. It’s still a progressing project but I love being a tourist in Milan and discovering a different face of it. In the meantime, thanks to this project, I discovered lovely corners and courtyards that I had never seen before, hidden green cafes, and also met with their sweet owners! I generally spend most of my time in the studio where I draw or do other administrational works so, all of this has been so rewarding for me!



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