My name is Ellenor but my friends often call me ‘Filmenor’ because of my obsession with cinema and my knack for storytelling. My brain moves faster than I can sometimes handle so instead of waiting for it to catch up, I use that excitement and channel it into something creative. Sometimes that's film, and sometimes it's photography, and sometimes it's something new like design.


There’s no greater feeling than when something you’ve thought up in your brain - something you’ve imagined - is then produced, created, and shared with the world. It’s euphoric, it's empowering, and it's freeing. Creating allows me to live a thousand lives and has become one of the most important foundations to living a fuller life. I always like the ‘what if?’ question, and I don’t like to dwell too often, so being creative allows me to put positive spins on otherwise negative situations, using the voice I have to be a voice for many. Creativity becomes a bit of an outlet for me, but above all, it tests me and my capabilities. It pushes me and it allows me to collaborate and make friends with new people, which is one of the most rewarding things anyone could ever ask for. 


‘My Boobs Store’ started with a film idea. My background is writing and directing and earlier this year during a conversation with some girlfriends of mine about boobs, I had an idea to develop a short film that would empower women to talk about their boobs more, treat them with a bit more respect, and embrace them. So I took the idea and collaborated with a friend of mine who I worked with on my last film Meat and Potatoes, Rosie Guarino, an LA based standup comedian and writer who currently has a podcast called “Am I an Asshole?” which, with special guests and a resident therapist, analyzes A**hole tendencies. 


We’ve been making some solid tracks with our script and I started imagining my lead actress Mackenzie Breeden, Rose, and myself all rocking up to the premiere of our film wearing t-shirts with our drawn boobs on them loud and proud in anticipation and excitement. THAT idea then sparked the creation of ‘My Boobs Store’.

Essentially My Boobs Store is a fundraising apparel store empowering girls to love their boobs through t-shirts, totes and our upcoming film. It's about embracing all boobs, no matter shape or size. Showcasing that we are not defined by them, but they are a part of our strong, powerful, bodies and voices. I’ve made a handful of short films before, all which were self funded. The first one to play at major festivals including a screening at Cannes was Life Through A Lens, and the second most recently was a film I directed called Meat and Potatoes which played to a live audience of over 100,00 people at a festival called Tropfest. 


It was an amazing, crazy, and encouraging experience and ever since I’ve been hard at work on the next film which I hope will break into the international audience. Unfortunately there isn't much funding for short films. Short films are such a strong medium for emerging filmmakers to express their voices and get seen, so we're trying to self fund the short which will act as a proof of concept for a feature idea I have. Instead of crowdfunding the usual way, we've decided to create an apparel store as a way of embracing the self love theme of our film and give people an actual physical thing to have through their support. 


All the profits will go towards supporting women in film starting with our upcoming short, and in the future, will continue to help bring more authentic female stories to the big screen. My hope for the store in the future is that it will also go beyond supporting female filmmakers telling their truths and supporting each other, but also act as an additional platform for all people everywhere whether they have boobs or not to find strength within themselves and the discussion with each other to celebrate and find confidence in what they have, not to be defined by what sticks out of their chests or not.  I’ve started this business not to make a profit but to help a movement, encourage girls to talk to each other, and find strength in the road to self healing and self love.



Check My Boobs Store out on Instagram and their website.