Art is a byproduct of experiences in my life, relationships, and surroundings. With whatever project I am working on, color plays a significant role in the process and final product. My current project began as a series of drawings I made of blooms in my mother’s garden.


After she suffered a stroke last fall and lost the use of her dominant side, I began to see those drawings as records documenting the time we had spent together amongst all the blossoms evidencing the labor of her hands. This new body of work grew from a desire to create through collaging with those drawings and reflecting on the gardening process by pruning papers with all sorts of shears. The work developed in the same timeline as my mother’s progress in therapy as she learned how to walk again and regain strength in the left side of her body.


My projects are usually drawn from deeply personal events in my life but this project has a special place in my practice because I have gotten to reflect on strength and beauty through the process of making the work. I think the levity of the final images I’ve made hold the hope and resilience my mother has.


We all know creativity is not limited to a field or the “artsy” types. I have recently come to accept that painting, sculpting, writing, and singing carry similar weight in my practice. All of those activities are important for me to find the projects worth investing time in. Throughout my studies in school I always worked hard to rid myself of being too closely tied with the material I was working with and rather than be a painter, potter, or musician, to simply be an artist.  


One of my brothers is a synthetic chemist who works with dyes and colorants. It’s always great to talk with him about color and our visual perception of it. He is as much of a creative as I am and probably a better artist! The collages combine the drawings familiar to the cursive handwriting I grew up with, the paper flower cut-outs reflecting moments with my mother, and the paintings that started when I inherited my grandmother’s brushes. These images are simple but ultimately just the result of the life I wake up to everyday - full of growth, rainy days, and lots of pruning.



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