My name is Jamilah Breiannis and a major part of how I identify myself is as a mother of 9 wonderful children, 4 of which have special needs that require some extra attention and all of which need lots of love. With more sleepless nights than I can (or care to) remember I have always remained determined to never throw in the towel on my little ones. I have held a conviction that my children deserved to feel better; I just couldn't accept that there was nothing else we could do. Unfortunately, allopathic medicine is so limited and riddled with dangerous side effects and other issues. Again, I just couldn't accept that this was the only way to help them. This led me down the path to alternative therapies and natural healing for my children, seeking to help them in the most healthy of ways.


So I began searching, researching and hitting the books and this eventually led to my receiving my master's degree in Herbalism and becoming a Clinical Aromatherapist. The options for wellness are endless and the possibilities are so vast that I was able to help them feel better and begin upon a road to success. To have found natural ways to help them without life altering side effects was such a relief for me and they responded so well. Slow but steady and, perhaps most importantly, consistently, they have come so far and surpassed everything the doctors have told us they could never achieve. Milestone after milestone, they have proven wrong so many things we were told would be their fate. 


As they grew and thrived it motivated me to branch out and help other people to live better lives. Along with that, all the positive feedback I have received is so wonderful and inspiring it keeps me driven. After almost 20 years of determination and learning I opened my little shop, “Jamilah’s Naturals”. It’s a shop where you will find all natural, vegan products in every listing. No colors, dyes, artificial enhancers, sparkles, glitter or processed, fake fluff. I have always sought to offer only the finest and most wholesome products for my family and yours. I have a little bit of everything and something for everyone.


Along with herbalism, aromatherapy and other forms of alternative therapy to help people cope better with anxiety, ADHD, depression, mood disorders, and attention problems. I also became a doula to assist women who struggle with infertility issues. Assisting women to feel better and live healthier lives  is such a blessing to take part in. It is a driving desire to help people attain wellness in their lives. It is due to my own experiences and this drive that I offer consultations, write articles and teach herbalism and herbal-remedies to others. 

I currently live in Baltimore, Maryland. with my husband of over twenty years and our nine children and it remains my passion to help others and I am truly grateful to have been able to gather the skills and experience to excel.



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