I’m Maria Servellón, a multimedia artist, filmmaker, and traveler from Boston, MA. At a young age, I realized I could not fully express myself without using art, music, and dance. I can’t even begin to imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t have these forms in my daily life. Whether sketching something on paper, freestyle singing, improvising a dance routine from my bed to the kitchen, or all of the above in one go, my life would be plain oatmeal (gotta add fruits and cinnamon to it!)


People I know have seen me in different chapters in my life, thus having different versions of me in their minds. No one has the same vision. So, what is the gauge that can be used to determine the accuracy of their version of “me” or the “me” I was at a particular time? Is one version more accurate than the other?

I started to write a script based on a list I created of significant events in my life, that influenced the kind of person I felt I was at the time. My latest film, Hyphen, is the culmination of these versions of myself that have weaved in and out of my life to this day. Hyphen follows four versions of the same character as they use the arts to navigate through life that leads to their open-ended destiny. It is a deeply meditated reflection on what my personal metamorphosis has looked like through different lenses on this journey of finding myself.


As the writer, director, producer, and Act 4 actress of Hyphen, to say this film is part of me is the understatement of the year. I’ve worked tirelessly to take Hyphen to the caliber I feel it deserves to be because of the readers, cast, and crew that believe in it and made it part of themselves as well. It is a creation of love, trust, and hard work invested by different people that saw a little or a lot of themselves in it. This gives me confidence audiences will find a golden nugget within the film that is just for them.


My creative trajectory takes form as ever-evolving short films, music, dances, mixed and digital media. It consists of different mediums that start as solid, confident foundations, transcend forms and meanings which ultimately mix, dissolve, parody, break down, and remix themselves into translucent rebirths. Like a phoenix rising from ashes, the light at the end of the tunnel, Hyphen is my moment of clarity with where I feel like I am right now in my life and the current state of women and minorities in media representation.

Hyphen will only be as strong as the people that support its message of using the arts for growth and resilience. And of learning to accept all versions of yourself through your version of the never-ending metamorphosis.



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