"Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies," Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, by the Beatles, is where it all began. During my finals for my degree in fashion design, I got inspired by this particular song. My mission is to make the world more creative and imaginative by giving it more color and more fun. My name is Marie-Louise, and I am 25 years old, and I am devoting my free time off from work to my illustrations. Being in my normal job gives me security, but not all the creativity I have and want to give. That's why I spend most of the evening in front of my laptop, sketching on Illustrator.


Trying to escape from the normal world, I've always loved to travel. Maybe this love for travel was given to me by my parents, after we moved to Abu Dhabi several years ago. After coming back and now being in Hamburg, I always feel the need to disappear, even if it's just for a short time, and to be in my own world. By growing up in such an advanced but on the other hand so traditional world, I got a lot of views and structures that made me who I am now. I've been working as an illustrator for over a year now, and my goal is to make a living with my drawings. Furthermore, I also love to sew and handcraft my own designs, so I don't know what exactly my future will be, but I can't imagine giving up my little trips into another world. I picture myself in a little boutique where I sell my own designed collection, covered with my illustrations. I hope that I can achieve that in a few years and spread my love to the world.


After trying different techniques to figure out how to make my voice heard, I finally found my base in Adobe Illustrator. It gives me a way to express my art. I mostly work with photos in the background, which I then recreate with lines and color blocks. By filling them differently or adding layers over each other, I try to reveal some kind of dimension. Although everything is two dimensional, the viewer has time to dive in and let the colors and flowers get to them. By leaving blank spaces, I want everyone to make up their own mind on how the spaces could be filled. I don't have a particular structure for how I start with my work; I just browse through pictures, and if something catches me and reaches out to my feelings, I translate it to what I see.


Currently I am working on different illustrations for customers. Furthermore, I am trying to reach more popularity by drawing celebrities which inspire me and repost my art. As a project for myself, I want to start with prints on T-shirts or jackets, and sell them. Those should be going online by the beginning of the new year, and I hope that the raver girls are out there ready to spread my mission. The name "Raver Girls" came to me when I was researching for my finals. The spirit of the ravers is just being crazy, and they have a “do what you want to do” mentality which is my source of inspiration and made me the way I am now. That's me. A raver girl.



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