I am Marine, a French artist (singer, songwriter, and painter) based in San Francisco, California. Creating makes me feel alive in the world and like I'm contributing to its exploration in some way. When I create, I feel like I transform emotions, feelings, thoughts, and observations (most of the time, ones that I am not even aware of) into something different. I am fascinated by colors and sounds and the way they touch us deeply. To me, they are tools we can use to connect to our deepest selves.  


I started this project, Femmes, in San Francisco six months ago. I think the energy from the west coast was so different from the one in New York (where I spent five years) that I started doing something completely different than what I used to do. I use pastels, one of my favorite mediums. I like to paint with just my fingers, feeling the pigments. In this series, I use plain colors and shapes. I was interested in exploring the importance of colors, accessories, and patterns in women’s identities. These women are from around the world, and I was curious to understand the stories that our cultural backgrounds and educations tell about us. How do we define ourselves as independent minds and entities when we have learnt over and over a certain way to be, feel, and think, often unconsciously? 


To start the process, I collect pictures I like based on an attitude, a posture, a combination of colors... If I see something that tells a story, that’s a good start to me. And as far as the painting goes, I then add background shapes and colors. I don’t think about it too much; I focus on the emotion that is coming out of the painting, and the pleasure I have bringing it into something real. 


I wish to paint many of these women to complete the series. I am thinking of traveling to some countries that would be super inspiring like Japan, India, Mongolia, Mexico, Argentina, and more. Hopefully I could snap a few shots! I think deeply that this project is a way for me to contribute to the work on gender equality and women's rights around the world, and I'd love to see it exhibited in different countries! 



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