I believe in channeling energy through creativity. I also try channeling my creative urges in order to produce unique artwork. The biggest inspiration for my work is the simplicity and colors of life and the grace of people. Creating has served as a healing tool in my life. It is my greatest outlet and my most loyal confidant in this life journey. Creating has defined my character and has provided purpose to my life. It is what I do best and that “thing” I can’t ever get away from. My style is born out of a combination of self-taught education, self-training, and experience, which allows my perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary. Art is how I battle against the indifference of humans and offer new ways of viewing the world to others keeping the core values of human existence.


I was born in the Dominican Republic in 1974 where since very young, and throughout my life, I expressed a deep love, sensibility and ability for the fine arts which I cultivated throughout my adult life. Therefore, in a way, my art reflects my Caribbean inheritance through the use of bold colors and stylized poses which echo the warm and tropical surroundings where I grew up.


Melancholic gazes and movement are essential elements to my oeuvre, as well as the gentle dominance of the human figure expressed in a nostalgic manner. One of the recurring features of my artwork is the accentuation of the figure through blank outlines, which dramatizes it in an illustrative way. Figures, wrapped in a nostalgic atmosphere, are usually the subject of my work signature. It's something that demands support and recognition of the value of the most interesting subject: women.


I have exhibited vastly in relation with my official beginning as freelance artist in late 2011. I am well versed and trained in different techniques and interestingly enough, Austin, Texas, is where I have transformed from a fine artist to a muralist, gaining the recognition and reputation of being a female artist who works on big scale projects.


Monochromic begin last November in Austin, Texas. I have lived in different cities and countries which allowed my art to mature, however my art was very dense and constricted. I decided after a shift in my spiritual path to let emotions flow through me instead of constantly letting my logical mind take over my creative process. I am very interested in inconsistencies because they uncover a beautiful truth, and it is the artist's mission to define that truth through the painting process. In my opinion, art has in many ways the luxury of being perfect and inconsistent at the same time since it is a captured projection of a specific image, feeling or idea, and a very personal expression of those images. In my case, I'd rather choose inconsistencies as they are interesting and fun to visualize, and they make my painting process a very active one where my first marks and impressions are usually bold and gestural.


My creativity process starts with a pre-recollection of images, sketches, artifacts, concepts, words, and emotions, gathered on a daily basis in my life journey. Then I move forward to a blank canvas by tracing the eyes, since they will guide the entire process. There is nothing planned or pre-sketched. I see the canvas, touch it, and let the current feeling at that precise moment guide my hands. I usually start with a preconceived idea and end up with a metamorphosis of my initial concept. Once the colors and lines come to play and settle on the canvas, I usually step back to feel the piece. I paint at night, with music, and most of the time I write about the paintings afterward.


 Monochromatic means the world to me and it is a great project for myself because it's a challenge that will lead to the creation of pieces for my solo show in Texas. I want to start marketing my pieces and making them available to everyone by creating prints, T-shirts, etc., and eventually I want to use the collected funds to assist a nonprofit I have my eyes on in Austin. This project will help to define the style I have been pursuing as an artist for the last 5 years, and I can see it developing into my own art gallery nonprofit.


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