I am Tina Laskowski and I am a print maker, curator, and traveler from the United States currently in Seoul, South Korea. Creating helps me to solve problems and subconsciously treat my mind. When I create, I feel my mind relax and become freer and for stress to leave my body and transform into energy that makes my work. I am very interested in a wide array of ideas such as identity, placemaking, and connections.  


A friend and co-curator of mine owns a printmaking studio in Seoul and approached me with the idea to explore a recently discovered, but little known style of printing called Mokulito. As soon as I saw an example and briefed the process, I became instantly interested. There's not much information available about it, so we really are trying to be pioneers in this process and try as many "experiments," as well call them, as we can. 

Our research process is very similar to a scientific research process. We understand the basics of the Mokulito process, but we are interested in trying new techniques such as drawing on the plate with various materials and combinations of material. After we do a set of prints, we take notes on what worked successfully and what didn't and try to understand what happened. 


After we do a set of prints, we take notes on what worked successfully and what didn't and try to understand what happened. It's been really exciting as we've had some big successes and some failures. It's really fun and freeing to just make art without any expectation of what it will look like finished, because we are making this process very experimental. We always get excited as we lift a print up after the press to reveal how the image turned out. I was always involved in art since I was a child, and studied architecture in school. After taking a break from design, I traveled to Seoul, South Korea to work, and became involved with a curating collective, Crazy Multiply. It was great to be involved in art again, and do some printmaking again. 


Our goals for this project of working through the Mokulito process is to really have a complete understanding of the process and how we can utilize it best to our work. There are few print makers also working on discovering and learning more about this process, so it is exciting to see what others have tried and to share stories of what's working and not working. It's a really nice community of printers supporting each other. This project means a lot to me and is a big release from the everyday of work and studying. 


It's exciting and completely unpredictable, which can be very true with most printmaking. I like to relate it back to life. Sometimes, the prints don't meet the expectation you had in your head, and random happy mistakes come out and you are totally enlightened. For example, I had big ideas in my mind of printing with color onto black tissue paper. The results were not at all what I pictured. I printed with blue and yellow ink, and the result was the glue and ink created some reaction with the paper and created these beautiful neon pink and orange shapes with a perfect black frame. At first I was disappointed about the result, but after a second look I was so shocked about what actually happened, and fell in love. It's always those random moments that I love about printmaking and how you never know what you're going to get. I love spontaneity in life, and researching Mokulito has certainly been that. 



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